Orthodontic Specialists of Albuquerque


Getting braces for your children is an important investment for a lifetime of happy smiles. There are several orthodontic treatment options available and we will discuss these with you and your child during your initial consultation.

At Orthodontic Specialists of Albuquerque, we believe in staying on the forefront of industry advances. We use technology such as the SmartClip bracket and Orthocad to accomplish amazing results for our patients.

The SmartClip bracket developed by 3M Unitek uses self-ligating braces technology to achieve exceptional results. They are computer designed to make your treatment more comfortable, save time and give you the result you want – a beautiful new smile.

Ordinary braces use “elastic bands” to secure the archwire in place (this is called ligation). Tha bands can become stained or stretched and must be changed out frequently. SmartClip braces are different. The self-ligating technology removes the need for “elastic bands” and instead uses small metal clips to hold the archwire in place.

The OrthoCAD iQ system allows Dr. Silverman to simulate and fine-tune numerous treatment options to create the most desirable outcome. Once Dr. Silverman approves the final simulation, the information is sent to the OrthoCAD Center, where customized bracket trays are created using sophisticated image recognition and computer-guided targeting technology. The trays are then shipped to Dr. Silverman’s office where they are efficiently and comfortably fitted to the patient’s teeth.